“The Year I Did Nothing” an Insightful, Endearing Drama

Ana Barredo’s engaging The Year I Did Nothing opens in 1985 Manila with Santos siblings Christina (Nora Lapena), George Washington (Jared Xander Silva), and Elena (Faith Toledo) all glued to television set watching and re-watching their favorite American television programs as they prepare for their planned move to the United States.


The Year I Did Nothing USA 2019

Manila, the Philippines, 1985: 15-year-old Christina (Nora Lapena) learns that the application her parents (Rhandy Torresm, Maria Noble) have put in at the US Immigration Office 10 years ago is finally being processed

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The Year I Did Nothing

In the 1980’s, everyone still wanted to come to the United States and chase the American dream. If you lived in the Philippines, the U.S. probably looked especially enticing, as the dictator Ferdinand Marcos watched while his country’s economy fell apart.